Japan & Indonesia 2017

Show Tokyo

2017 I will continue my Tour through Asia with focus on Japan and Indonesia for Classes, Workshops, Shows and Events.


Mariam Ala-Rashi in oriental clothing

Oriental Dance is one of the oldest still existing dances in the world which shows joie de vivre and which awakens deep emotions. Its origins lie in the ancient fertility and imitation rituals consisting of contact to the earth, complete awareness, pregnancy and birth.
The meaning of the body language or in fact of every movement in oriental dance has a historical background which therefore shows the importance of the authenticity in each movement.


Authentic oriental dance at a high level, with an individual programme perfected to fit your event. Professional, aesthetic choreographies, exclusive costumes underlined with matching music build a bridge between occident and orient and will capture you and your guests in an oriental atmosphere. Requests for live drumming is optional.


Performances for fairs, work events, weddings, jubilees, birthdays and more.

Tribal Fusion

Mariam Ala-Rashi dancing tribal fusion

Tribal Fusion, as the name suggests, is a fusion of many dance styles i.e. oriental dance, American tribal style, flamenco, yoga, artistic elements, popping, locking and more. The music choice is varied, it ranges from traditional to electronic music, from classical to jazz music. Just about anything is feasible as long as it remains elegant and aesthetic.


The performance will be unique as choreography, costumes and music will also be chosen to specifically match your event.


Performances for shows, theatre, art exhibitions, museums, variété, fashion shows and more.

Show Dance

Mariam Ala-Rashi, show dancing

Freestyle, breakbeat/Pops and Locks, Improvisation, Jazz. Modern, Bellydance, Latin, Michael Jackson moves…
In short, everything from my repertoire to turn your show into a spectacular event.


The performance, costumes and music will be chosen to match the theme and to underline the atmosphere of your event.


Performance for shows, music videos, background, clubs, theatre, art exhibitions/museums, variété, fashion shows etc.

Mariam Ala-Rashi

  • World champion and German champion in Tribal Fusion Solo 2009: Title: “Bellydancer of the World Tribal Fusion Solo 2009” and “German Champion Tribal Fusion Solo 2009”
  • Professional dancer and teacher with classical-oriental dance, tribal fusion and Ballet as a main focus.
  • Former Member of Violet Tribe
  • Freelance Author for dance magazines
  • Dance and dance teacher studies at the “Ballettschule für Bühnentanz” in Düsseldorf
  • Dance education from age 4
  • Syrian and German descent
  • Winner DuYi International Day Competition 2014 - Beijing CHINA
  • 2011-2015 Akrobatic Training at "Beijing international Art School" China.
  • Mongolias first Tribal Fusion Dancer and Dance Instructor, and first middle eastern Belly Dance Instructor.


Skypemariamala-rashi (Skype Name)